Carolyn O. Hines, Attorney at Law
Experience. Passion. Diligence.


Client Testimonials

Ms. Hines is very professional, sets your mind at ease and explains each step during the legal process. She handled my custody proceeding and community property settlement during what was an extremely emotional time for me. Carolyn is always available to answer questions and really does care about her clients. A lot of individuals may seek out a male attorney to represent them thinking a male will better protect their interests or aggressively pursue the case. I find Carolyn Hines to be the perfect combination of intellect and when its appropriate to play hardball. l highly recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance.
— Pennie Billiot

Carolyn Hines has assisted me in multiple legal matters. It didn’t matter how serious or scary the situation was, Carolyn’s professionalism and knowledge provided a sense of comfort and confidence throughout the process. She was always available for any questions or guidance, even during after hours. With my legal matters in her hands, I felt and knew that things were getting done right and with my and my family’s well beings in mind. Any future legal matter, I know I will choose Carolyn and I know things well get done right.
— Frederico Palacios

Very patient, and understanding. Never fails at trying to find a way to fix anything, even the smallest of things. Handles every matter as if she was put in the position of her clients. Highly recommend for anyone needing legal advice or representation.
— Amy Davis

She is amazing to work with! Will go out of her way to make sure she has everything she needs! I recommend her!
— Marianela Carter

Great, personal and attentive service. A balanced yet aggressive approach to those vicious attorneys.
— Blake Cooper