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Every year, United States immigration laws change and become more complex. Obtaining a visa to enter the U.S. has become more and more difficult over the years and the wait times have lengthened, as well. Since immigration law is constantly changing, your attorney should be one that stays on top of these changes and seeks to handle each case accordingly.

Our team is fluent in Spanish. We provide legal representation for individuals in removal proceedings.  Our office is conveniently located in Alexandria, Louisiana, which is approximately 40 miles from the LaSalle Detention Facility and Court and approximately 40 miles from the Oakdale Immigration Court and Pine Prairie Detention Facilities. Our location gives us quick and easy access to individuals being held in these facilities. 

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The insurance companies don’t care about how hurt you are or the impact the car accident has had on your life. Injured victims usually incur substantial medical expenses and are often forced to miss work while they recover from their injuries. Even soft tissue injuries or whiplash can cause significant financial hardship. You should not be forced into debt or even potential bankruptcy because you can’t afford medical treatment. 

You have the right to seek fair compensation in court for your losses. It’s best not to accept an offer from an insurance company without speaking with your own attorney who is looking out for your interests. Don’t short-change yourself by not hiring an attorney to represent your best interests.

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Emotionally and financially, a divorce can be one of the most stressful events a person will experience. The right divorce attorney can alleviate much of that stress and give you the confidence you need to get you through this challenging time. 

I believe strongly that only a lawyer who engages with you on a personal level can pursue your interests in divorce or a family law matter with genuine confidence and effectiveness. You deserve compassion, responsiveness and direct, insightful communication every step of the way during this difficult time.

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All individuals are entitled to fair treatment under the law. If you're the subject of a criminal investigation or trial, an attorney experienced in criminal defense will help you balance the scales. We ensure that your rights are protected from injustice or mistreatment.

We provide non-judgmental representation to those in criminal proceedings, such as felony and misdemeanor matters, DWIs/OWIs, expungement's and post-conviction relief.   

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